I am excited to work with Ro-Bar Interiors in the rebranding of your website.  This is going to be an amazing project.  The amount paid today will be applied towards the final cost of the website consultation, redesign, video, and email redirect.

Website design will include, without limitation:

Redesign of the website
Video/Animation to distribute across social media platforms to announce the new site
Video development of the opening scene of the website
Set up ecommerce
Consult on social media marketing and promotion of the site

This is a summary of services that will be rendered.  The projected launch date is between December 25, 2023 and January 1, 2024.

$850 will be used as the deposit.  A 7% fee has been added for credit card process and administrative fees.  Avoid the 7% fee by paying via Cash App or ApplePay.

Thanks for becoming a part of the development family.


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