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Explore the immersive world of MADDCity Studios by diving into each section, where you’ll uncover the magic behind our production studio solution, cutting-edge technologies, and how it revolutionizes the way live performances are experienced and shared.

Studio 1 - Best Equipment

Partnering with MADDCity Studios for Innovative Broadcast Solutions

At MADDCity.Live, we take your live performance events to a whole new level with our top-notch broadcast solutions. We believe that every artist deserves the best equipment to ensure an unforgettable experience for their audience. That’s why MADDCity.Live has formed strategic partnerships with leading production companies, bringing you the latest and most innovative technologies in the industry.

MADDCity Studios, as we call it, showcases our commitment to excellence, ensuring that you have everything you need for a seamless and outstanding performance. With state-of-the-art cameras, lighting systems, and audio equipment, provided by our team of professionals, your show will be transformed into a visually stunning and immersive spectacle.

With MADDCity Studios by your side, you can focus on what you do best – giving an extraordinary show that leaves your audience in awe and keeps them coming back for more.

Studio 2 - Extra Sound-Quality

Experience The MADDCity.Live Sound Difference

At MADDCity.Live, we go the extra mile to deliver the most immersive and life-like sound possible through cutting-edge audio technology. Music has the power to transport people to another world, and we believe that every note and sound should be crystal clear and full of emotion.

With MADDCity Studios’ team of sound engineers and technicians, true audio enthusiasts, your live performance will be fine-tuned to perfection. From crystal-clear vocals to thundering bass, every aspect of your sound will be meticulously crafted to create an auditory journey that resonates with your audience’s hearts and minds.

We invite you to dive into a world of pristine audio, where the MADDCity Live Sound Difference will elevate your performance to new heights, leaving your audience mesmerized and craving more.

Studio 3 - Live Streaming

Reach A Global Audience And Amplify Your Reach

In today's interconnected world, live-streaming has become an integral part of the entertainment industry.  Whether you're a small theater company or a major concert promoter, MADDCity.Live's live-streaming services can help you reach a wider audience and generate new revenue streams like never before.

With MADDCity Studio's seamless live-streaming technology, we enable you to instantly expand the audience capacity of your show by 100 to 1000 times the physical capacity.  Engaging in real-time interactions, sharing their excitement through comments, and feeling like they're part of the action, your online viewers will be captivated and connected throughout the show.

We encourage you to embrace the power of live-streaming and the global reach it offers. Let us guide you through the live-streaming landscape, ensuring that your live performance becomes a worldwide sensation, reaching fans across the globe, and maximizing your potential for success.

Studio 4 - Pay-Per-View

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities With MADDCity.Live

Welcome to the Pay-Per-View revolution brought to you by MADDCity.Live! Our Pay-Per-View live-streaming solution provides artists with a groundbreaking way to generate revenue while expanding their audience reach like never before.

By offering exclusive online viewing of concerts and theatrical performances for a fee, you instantly expand the audience capacity of your show by 100 to 1000 times the physical capacity. This innovative model allows you to tap into a vast online audience, creating a new stream of income beyond traditional ticket sales.

In this section, we unveil the incredible potential of Pay-Per-View, empowering artists to take control of their earnings and connect with fans worldwide. With MADDCity Studios’ secure and seamless Pay-Per-View platform, you can embark on a journey of unprecedented opportunities, where your talent meets unlimited success.

Join us at MADDCity.Live, where Best Equipment, Extra Sound-Quality, Live Streaming, and Pay-Per-View converge to revolutionize the way live performances are experienced, shared, and monetized. Our mission is to empower artists, producers, and audiences alike, ensuring that every moment of your event is filled with excitement, joy, and the magic of live entertainment. Step into the future of live performances with MADDCity.Live and let the world witness your greatness!

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