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MADDCity Media creates some of the most amazing content for Internet distribution. From live streamed, pay-per-view concerts and plays to video trailers to enhanced audiobooks, we offer content that transforms your idea into an award-winning production.

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Movie director

There’s no need to worry.  When we work with your concert or play, we take full control of the video streaming production and direction.  We specialize in working in tandem with your existing event.

3d Concerts

While 3-D is a not-so-distant reality, we offer perspectives that will make your audience feel as if they have VIP access inside of the physical venue.  We bring real life dimension to the virtual world.

FILM Maker

Each concert or theatrical production livestreamed equals the filmmaking quality of a feature film. Our award-winning production team specializes in live events.

Studio Production

We bring the livestream studio production inside of your concert event as if we were in a commercial television set without requiring stage or choreography changes.

BEST Drama trailers

Our video trailers are designed to transform your book, business, or brand into an entertainment experience.  The objective is to make certain that your trailer creates a memorable moment.

video production

Video trailer production is dynamic, unique, and exciting.  We want your next promo to be mindblowing.  Together, we will make magic.

audiobook production

Standard audiobooks are a thing of the past.  Let us transform your book into an enhanced audiobook by employing music and sound effects into the production.  Suddenly, you’ve created more than a an audiobook.  You’ve produced entertainment.


Through our corporate partnerships, we are able to have your enhanced audiobook distributed to more than 50 online platforms, including Amazon, Audible, and Apple Books.  Let us take your audiobook to the next level.

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video trailers by indy

We are known for making some of the most compelling Internet video trailers in the industry.  We understand that just because a video is being distributed over a social media channel or website, this does not mean the presentation is limited to a glorified slideshow.  Your video trailer connects your brand to your audience in a way unlike any other form of media.  Let us take your book, business, or brand to the next level by developing a video trailer that explodes across every screen.  Check out some of the hottest video presentations distributed over the Internet today.  Afterwards, let us do the same for you.

Stranger Of Stardust

FEATURED VIDEO TRAILER:  Author Melanie Johnson prepares to  release her latest book, Womanly Wisdom, by unleashing her first video trailer, “Invisible”.  The video magically transports you through an emotion-filled glimpse of her personal life journey.

Foreigners In The Past
Invaders In The Future
Foreigners And Directors
Future Of Alien Life
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Meet the three princesses


“Meet the Three Princesses” is a heart-warming story about a loving family who live in Haiti. Readers will enjoy the bright, beautiful illustrations and interesting story details that highlight the unique, lovely charm of a small island town.

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"I never even saw it coming! It blew my mind away."

“Indy, thank you for the creativity you used to make my words leap from the pages of my book into the visual images that linger in the minds of the listener. Superb work!”

Melanie Johnson, Author & CEO of Bustaword Publishing


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